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Our Screen Printing Services

Cincinnati T Shirt Printing

Screen Printing

We've put in many years perfecting the craft of screen printing by paying close attention to the smallest of details and providing only the highest quality available - no matter how complicated or simple the design. 


We could go on and on and on about how we will expertly match your colors using our Pantone color-matching process, or that we use a 4 color system on light AND dark shirts, or especially how we can produce photo-like images using a simulated process color system (not with the standard 4 colors, but 6 or 7 colors). 


If those topics interest you, we have an employee that will talk all day and night about the innovations in screen printing we've mastered. 


Call us and we'll get him on the line. 


But what should only matter to you is that we will take your apparel designs and ideas, and we will make them LOOK TERRIFIC. 


It's really that simple.  

We'll make it EASY for you to look amazing!

Graphic Design

Custom Design Apparel


Custom School Shirts

Not sure about your design? We can help. 


Whether you would like us to work up your idea into something you'll love, or just help refine what you've already created, our designer will see to it that it reflects you and your organization perfectly. 


From unique shirt designs to corporate logos, our designer will assist you in making it just right. 

Need a small run of embroidered products or promotional items? 

Please call or send us a message letting us know what you need, and we will do our best to accommodate you. 


We also do team uniforms, with names and numbers on the backs of the jerseys, just in time for the season to start. 

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