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4 Screen Printing Ideas You May Not Have Thought Of

When considering screen printed items as a way of promoting your company or organization, what's the one idea everyone thinks of?


T-shirts. Hoodies. Sweatshirts.

Of course, T-shirts are one of the most popular, timeless, and effective ways to get your name out there, but when you think of screen printing in general, you may not realize that we have the capabilities to provide other screen printing services than hoodie or t-shirt printing.

There are a few other unique and effective items you can have screen printed with your brand design and message to ensure you stand out in a crowd that doesn't involve apparel.

Depending on your event, or your business location, choosing one of these ideas may align better with your marketing strategy and be more useful to the recipient, while still being an affordable way to foster brand loyalty.

Here are the top 4 non-apparel items you should consider as a unique screen printing promotional item:

1. Coolie Cups. Or Koozies. Or Beverage Thingies.

Whatever you want to call these amazing devices that keep the cold beverage cold, you see them EVERYWHERE. And isn't that the exposure you are shooting for?

When it comes to brand awareness, koozies offer a great way to get the name of your company or your special event in front of a crowd of people by giving them a fun and useful product they’ll use time and time again.

Everyone loves them and they are an affordable and fun keepsake for reunions, parties or other private events.

2. Tote Bags

Whether in your grocery store or any event/convention you have attended, you’ve probably seen a lot of tote bags. As we adopt more green trends, people continue to move away from plastic bag usage and are starting to take up the tote bag as a "stuff-carrying" alternative.

If so many people are carrying totes at a conference, or down the street with groceries through your neighborhood, doesn't it make sense to have to your name and branding on it using custom screen printing?

Tote bags are very versatile and can be used as a shopping bag, as a gym bag, as a book bag for college students, as a bag to carry a picnic in, as a bag to carry beachwear and towels in... you get the idea. Speaking of towels...

3. Branded Towels

How often do you throw away a branded towel? I bet there are at least one or two beach towels or golf towels in your house that have been around for a VERY long time. Faded? Sure. Still being used? Absolutely.

With towels, you get a useful and creative solution that can be used over and over again, especially knowing that the screen printing on a towel covers a large surface area, giving you tons of room for creative messaging and branding.

How about a beach towel to give away at a corporate outing? Or perhaps a golf towel for a golf outing you are sponsoring? Maybe souvenir towels as part of a school or team fundraiser? Towels with your messaging for a 5K giveaway? YES. YES. YES. And YES.

4. Cinch Packs

Much like tote bags, over the past few years cinch packs (or drawstring bags) have become very popular because of their lightweight versatility and their ease of use.

As a slight advantage over a tote bag, however, your brand and messaging are carried large and proudly right at eye level.

When you host a fundraiser or a promotional event, especially around a college campus or high school club or team, these are one of the best ways to get people to remember it.

Custom screen printing your messaging on drawstring bags is affordable and what would look better walking around schools, campuses, and retail areas than your organization's name?

Cinch bags come in many material choices such as nylon, canvas, and even burlap. They're durable and will hold up against repeated use.


The next time you're contemplating a promotional giveaway for any event or fundraiser, or simply as a giveaway to loyal customers...don't forget that while t-shirts and other apparels are very effective tried and true go-to items, there are options out there for those who crave something different and unique to their brand or organization.

Koozies, tote bags, towels, and cinch sacks are great examples of items that we can custom screen print for your organization you may not have even thought of.

And just like with apparel, we are here to ensure that it's simple, affordable, and very easy to order.




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