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5 Reasons Why T-Shirt Printing is Essential (and Simple) For Promoting Your Company

As a small business owner, it can be difficult to decide the ideal way to promote your business to reach as many of your potential customers as possible. With all the day-to-day challenges you are confronted with, marketing and promotional activities often take a backseat to more pressing operational and sales issues.

To make matters worse, there are a ton of marketing and promotional options when considering what might work best for your business.

You can utilize social media platforms, generate email campaigns, or send old-fashioned snail mail flyers to generate awareness. All important for small business marketing. However, as effective as these strategies can be if done right, most of these activities require patience and perseverance as you work to attract followers, build email lists, or wait for somebody to call the number on a flyer.

So what is a simple, effective, and economical way to get your name out there?

Right now?

Here are the top 5 reasons you should be using screen-printed promotional t-shirts as a part of your marketing strategy:

It Won't Break Your Marketing Budget.

We thought we'd come right out of the gate with a reason that everyone can relate to...cost.

There's a stigma out there that promotional t-shirt printing is not only an expensive marketing luxury but complicated to order and difficult to get just right.

Stop thinking crazy like that... right now. Screen printing t-shirts with your brand is simple, fast, and affordable.

We guarantee you’ll be surprised at the cost of a bulk order of custom screen-printed t-shirts with a relatively simple design, keeping it to 2-3 colors. When you take into consideration costs on other promotional items you may have purchased in the past (some of which may still be in a box in the utility closet), and what a t-shirt will do for your brand awareness, you'll surely get the best bang for your buck by contacting a screen printing shop to get yours started.

Turns Everyone Who Wears One into a Brand Evangelist.

A what now?

A brand evangelist. Every time someone wears your company branded t-shirts, they will be contributing to improved brand awareness and recognition. Everywhere the wearer of your t-shirt goes, so goes your brand...front and center. People become walking billboards for your business.

Even better, an eye-catching design on a T-shirt can always spark an interesting conversation. If that design is your really cool logo or catchy tag line then all of a sudden they’re talking about your brand...not just wearing it.

It amounts to a win-win for the customer and your business. Everyone loves a free t-shirt, a win for the customer, and you have your brand being seen and talked about all over town. And that's a huge win for your company.

T-Shirts Are Not Only ALWAYS Trendy...They Are Trend-Proof.

Ever stood in the merchandise line at a concert or an event? For a very long time because it's longer than the restroom line? What is the biggest selling item they offer?

T-shirts. Overpriced t-shirts at that. And people can't wait to shell out their hard-earned money to buy one so they can wear their band or singer or cause proudly.

Ever since they became part of the everyday look in the '60s and '70s, t-shirts have never been out of style. They have survived every clothing trend imaginable and then survived them again when those trends came back around. The waist on jeans has fluctuated up and down like a yo-yo over the last few decades, but t-shirts look great with every change in jeans trend.

40 years ago, today, or 50 years from now, t-shirts will always be cool and a part of everyone's wardrobe.

T-Shirts Are Practical and Functional. And Familiar.

A t-shirt has a distinct advantage over many of the other types of promotional swag that companies hand out to their customers. After all, it’s a functional piece of clothing that can be worn every day if somebody chooses to. So even if you discount the promotional aspect to it, a t-shirt is a very useful freebie for your customer and one not likely to be forgotten about anytime soon.

The largest drawback of many promotional items is that customers tend to forget that they even have them. The chance that they toss a t-shirt in the trash, like a lot of tchotchkes that are useless after their novelty has worn off and companies forgotten about, is slim to none. In fact, if they don't want to wear it, someone in their family probably will.

Remember the insulated lunch tote and rubberized sunglasses you got from someone, somewhere last year?

We didn't think so.

T-Shirts Increase Brand Loyalty.

Whenever a high-quality product, such as a t-shirt, is given away for free, it tends to increase brand loyalty. I mean, who doesn’t like free stuff?

Especially stuff they can wear that's comfortable and looks great on them.

The moment you give away something for free that people find useful, you’ve gone a long way in earning their trust. This makes them not only more likely to be a repeat customer of yours but increases the chance of them providing a referral any chance they get, to anyone who will listen.

And we all know the lifeblood of any small business is lead generation through referrals.


Brand evangelism...walking billboards...customer loyalty for repeat business and crucial referrals...all at an affordable cost and oh so simple to order?

The bottom line is this: People love t-shirts, especially awesome-looking free ones, and there is no better low-cost advertising than having your brand strutting around town on the fronts and backs of as many people as possible.

The question is...can you really afford NOT to start using screen-printed t-shirts as part of your marketing awareness strategy?




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